1. Let’s give this thing a try…

    I am not entirely sure why it is that I decided to create this account. I suppose that I was interested in keeping a log of my thoughts and actions, but wasn’t so motivated as to go out and design a blog (at least at this juncture in time) without some preset template. Tumblr seemed the obvious choice in this matter. From here I can start building up something. What that something is, currently, I am not sure. There are a lot of things that I would like to do and this seems a solid medium for my purpose. In future updates , you, anonymous people of the internet, may expect to see things like reviews of games, artwork postings, everyday musings about things I observe around the city, and anecdotes of my adventures. I appreciate comments, be they good or bad, it lets me know that my words have found a home; please adopt my words. I, at this moment, don’t feel comfortable promising you any sort of update schedule, but I will promise that I will try to maintain contact.

    To those who have reached this point, I thank you and hope that you will stay for the ride.

    Always remember, “Walls be damned.”

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  2. It’s-a-me!


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